Hi hi!
I'm Marshall (Aka Mars)
I'm 21 and my pronouns are he/him

I'm just a hobbyist artist who rambles about his ocs a lot and lingers on Toyhouse in his free timeOutside of Toyhouse I post my artwork daily on DeviantArt and occasionally on Instagram. I also have a TikTok that I neglect and my ArtFight is resurrected every year. I don't use any other socialsI'm not interested in making friends or becoming mutuals with anyone, so please don't ask. Casual conversation about art/characters is fine thoughYou're free to follow me on my socials regardless of age, though I'm uncomfortable with minors following me specifically on Toyhouse. Interactions on-site are fine

Socials are sorted from most > least active
Anything not linked here I either don't have or I've abandoned. Worst case scenario I'm being impersonated . . . for some reason.

Design T.O.S
Last updated 3/24/24

  • Designs can be freely gifted/traded at any point within your ownership. Resales are allowed once they have extra art added to them

  • Designs can be altered/redesigned as much as you want, though if they're redesigned beyond recognition from the original then I ask you transfer credit to whoever redesigned them

  • Designs can be monetized or used for monetary gain as long as clear and proper credit is given to me for the design itself

  • I won't take back designs if you're blacklisted, though you cannot own any of my future designs. Giving my designs to a blacklisted user will get you blacklisted as well

If you decide you no longer want a design of mine I highly encourage you to reach out to me and ask if I want them back before you put them UFO
Compensation in the form of artwork and character trades can be provided for any extra art added to the character. I cannot offer any monetary compensation.

Public Blacklist
Last updated 4/8/24

  • Maneater74/Sodiumnitrite (Toyhouse) - Personal

My blacklist is not an invitation to harass or otherwise bother the user mentioned. Do not go out of your way to cause anyone trouble on my behalf.